Mission Is To
Help People Rise


The TruRise Mission

TruRise provides the platform to help people rise to their tru potential. With innovative wellness products as our foundation and a passionate community connected by a powerful social network, we’re committed to providing solutions to help people get what they want: better health and more financial freedom. The TruRise mission is focused on educating, inspiring, motivating, and changing the lives of people like you every day. TruRise offers you more than just our amazing products: we offer what you need to be successful, independent, and empowered.

Mission Statement

We will maintain relentless focus and operational excellence as we constantly strive to provide our customers and associates innovative products along with the best technology and tools to help them achieve their goals and create exceptional opportunities so they can reach their highest potential.

Who We Are

TruRise is on track to be a leading social selling health and wellness company in North America. We are creating a new category in the health and wellness industry by translating advances in health science and technology into effective, scientifically sound health products and making them available for people to use in their everyday lives. Our products are developed by some of the most brilliant minds in the industry and are carefully formulated to deliver amazing results for a healthier lifestyle. We want to inspire and help people like you experience greater overall health while empowering your hopes, dreams and aspirations with one of the best business opportunities available.

TRURISE Core Values

Be Real

Our TruRise Team wants to create real changes and be real with their customers and associates at all times.

Embrace Changes

We know it’s important to stay one step ahead of the changing world. We believe change is vital to the growth of our business and the people with whom we do business. We must always seek new ways to grow and improve.


We understand that success is hard work and there will always be obstacles on the road toward achievement, but we believe that obstacles are only opportunities in disguise. We must apply our experiences in order to achieve all we set out to do.

One Team, One Company, One Focus, One TruRise Family

We support each other and believe in each other through the highs and lows. Together, we are family and made stronger by this fact. We believe people will always do more when they are valued and respected. We are always committed to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort to help our customers, associates, and employees achieve their goals.

Our Customers and associates as a Competitive Advantage

We value and support our customers and associates because they are what set us apart from our competitors. We strive to attract, develop, retain, and motivate the most talented, caring team of customers and associates to work with us as partners.


We strive to be recognized by our associates, customers, and vendors as setting the standard among the world’s great companies for integrity and principled performance. This is more than just doing the right thing, it also means doing it the right way by upholding honesty, trust, and integrity as our highest standards.


We strive to deliver products that meet the highest standards of health and effectiveness to our customers and associates.

Deliver Together

We believe in the importance of treating each customer, associate, and employee as an individual and treating each moment as one that matters. We strive to go the distance to deliver on our promises with discipline and passion. We believe in connecting with people with empathy and understanding.

Service Matters

We know exceptional service is important. We intend to go above and beyond and to make sure each customer and associate enjoys an incredible TruRise experience every day.


We constantly seek ways to create an environment that is full of fun and excitement and share it with everyone around us.